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Vail Club 50 2016-17 Board of Directors


Jim Tharp   303-885-7537

Patricia Cornett   210-885-1423

Dick Karlson   970-462-4914

Jim Yager   970-470­-4340

Paul Gerhardt   303-618-5672


Membership Director
Lois Bruce   970-376-8505

Winter Sports Director
Burt Merical   612-810-2588

Winter Social Events Directors
Karen Woodard   303-503-0068
Sue Mitchell  413-525­-9969

Summer Sports Director
Sue Kuntz   509-554-6454

Summer Social Events Directors
Jocelyn Dienst   303-990-4116
Barb Nordin  206-953-­1725

Director of IT
Cathy Heller  612-244­-1285

Member At Large
Gary Blamire   970-376-2128


President’s Message

jimtharp2016Jim Tharp

Thank you for allowing me the great experience of being President of Vail Club 50 for the last year. Not having a management background, it was a bit intimidating but with the help and advice of our Board things are pretty easy now and I’m looking forward to another great year with an amazing variety of social and sporting events.

Amongst the benefits of this last year was the opportunity to meet and interact with many new people. I have also attempted to attend as many social events as possible. I have learned the rudiments of budgeting and bookkeeping and best of all I have learned to use the resources available and delegate responsibility. In short, I’m not sure what I would have done with the time otherwise.

The highlights of the past year include a very successful Winter Kickoff/Sign-up Party with Mel’s great chili. We had a very elegant Holiday Gala. I really enjoyed the Game Night/Chili Cook-off in January. Then there was the Treasure Hunt and of course the fabulous End Of Winter blowout at Mango’s.

This summer the Solstice Party was very enjoyable. The Raft Trip was much fun and I even produced a real painting at Cocktails and Canvas.

As far as plans for this year other than a busy social and sports calendar we hope to continue to improve the digital interface with the membership. We are revising our bylaws to reflect the current Board membership and functioning. We will continue to carefully plan and budget events to use your dues as efficiently as possible.

As of October 1 we have some new Board members and some Board members are finishing their term. I would especially like to thank Ann Faison for doing an excellent job as Winter Social Director. Also Karen Gerhardt served us well as Web Designer and Secretary.

Have a great year, welcome to new Vail Club 50 members and please let me know if you have any positive or negative feedback on how to improve the functioning of the club.

— Jim

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