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President’s Message

Gary Blamire
President, Vail Club 50

Hard to believe Winter has come and gone, and another Summer is on its way. As usual, a big thanks to all activity leaders, event coordinators and board members. A special thanks to Ann Faison and Suzette Newman for planning the winter social calendar. I need to thank Patricia (Patsy) Rowe for making sure the Winter sports leaders had the support they needed and are lined up for next year. Patsy also planned and the Club 50 race and victory celebration party.

We have an exciting Summer planned for the club, too. Paricia Cornett and Karen Woodard have been busy with the calendar, and already have event coordinators for the many social activities. Michelle and Will Darken have made sure the summer sports program leaders are all in place, too. PLEASE take the time to thank all the activity leaders, event coordinators and board members when you see them.

The board has made several changes for the coming years. Last Winter, we slowly increased club social and sporting activities online registration and payment. Feedback is overwhelmingly positive. We went one step further this Summer with multiple event registration and payment using a single form. On-line registration, versus mailing a registration, greatly reduces event coordinator’s time commitment. It also allows data automation, eliminating the need to prepare and continually update manual lists. Please help us with our goal of total on line registration for every event. Don’t worry, mailing payment will always remain an option.

Another change is club registration is now on an individual basis. Sorry, no more household registrations. We understand this takes more of your time. However, this change eliminated hundreds of volunteer hours, by allowing club roster and activity email list automation. We hope you understand the need to make this change.

The Web page continues to improve, too. The option to see who has signed up for an event another improvement and allows easy event registration confirmation. As a result of the new registration process, the roster is now updated instantly. The web site now allows you to sign-up for various interest groups if you forgot, changed your mind, or unsubscribed from any of these lists… and is another a big time saver for club volunteers.

The club’s fiscal year and dues for 2015-2016 season are changing, too. Our cost have increased, primarily due to on-line payment service charges. Dues will increase to $45 per member starting next year. We also moved the club fiscal year start date to 1 October from 1 September. This change better aligns dues collections with the Summer and Winter budgeting cycles.

While changes are meant to improve our Club… change can be frustrating, too. Your board believes these changes are a move forward in many ways. Please do not hesitate to give feedback. We are open to suggestions.

Now a finally, a “bitter/sweet” note… this will be my last President’s message. But, you’re not rid of me yet! My term runs through September 2015. Still, I can’t believe how quickly it went. Seems like just yesterday I was saying “No way! I don’t have time to lead this organization”. But, thanks to the MANY volunteers, I am glad I accepted. It was both fun and a honor to serve and belong to a social organization with the sole goal of promoting new friendships through a variety of sporting and social activities. Greta and I never hesitate to tell people we meet what a positive impact Club 50 has had on our lives. My final message is volunteer, get involved, and use the club as a means to grow. I do not regret a single moment I spent supporting the Club over the last two years. Looking forward to seeing you all on the snow, foot path, bike trail or the next social. Thanks for the support.

— Gary

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