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Vail Club 50 2015-16 Board of Directors

Jim Tharp   303-885-7537

Vice President
Patricia Cornett   210-885-1423

Dick Karlson   970-462-4914

Karen Gerhardt   303-217-3832

Lois Bruce   970-376-8505

Winter Sports Coordinator
Burt Merical   612-810-2588

Winter Social Events Coordinators
Ann Faison   914-714-0280
Leslie Davies   832-236-7490

Summer Sports Coordinator
Sue Kuntz   509-554-6454

Summer Social Events Coordinators
Karen Woodard   303-503-0068
Jocelyn Dienst   303-990-4116

Paul Gerhardt   303-618-5672
Cathy Heller   612-244-1285

Member At Large
Gary Blamire   970-376-2128


President’s Message

Jim Tharp

Hi- I am now 7 months into my term as your President of Vail Club 50. It has been a great experience. I have become better friends with many of the members and have even a greater regard for the dedication of the Board members and the many volunteers who make all our activities work. What did I used to do in place of the time I have spent on club activities?

We have had a very successful winter social season.

Virtually all our events were fully subscribed with waiting lists. For me the Holiday Gala and the End of Winter party at Mangos were the most memorable. Thanks to all of the coordinators and chairpersons for all the fun.

This winter’s sports activities was also very successful. Bert Merical did a fantastic job coordinating alpine skiing, snowshoeing, and XC/backcountry skiing. With his spare time he began a new activity – meeting at Arrowhead on Saturday mornings to skin/snowshoe to the top of the lift. A new event this winter was the Leaders/Volunteers Appreciation Party to help recognize sporting leaders and social event chairpersons who contributed. We will do the same for summer volunteers.

Burt and Kay Bomgaars also reorganized our singles group (Guys and Dolls) making it perhaps the most active social group in Vail Club 50.

For added safety the club purchased 6 more high power 2 way radios so that we can have communication available for all the various backcountry activities that we scheduled for any given day.

This summer’s social activities will be my first crack at devising and budgeting the social events since the winter schedule was set before the change of officers on Oct 1. With the help of our creative and hardworking Summer Social Coordinators (Karen Woodard-Chavez and Jocelyn Dienst) I think we have lots to look forward to this summer. I’m especially excited about our Western Summer Fling (previously known as the President’s Dance). Yes you don’t have to put on a coat and tie on a warm summer evening this year.

As usual it can be a full time job participating in all the summer sports we have organized. This includes: hiking (hares, marmots, tortoises and new for this summer hiking with dogs), biking, tennis (new more social format this summer to lessen the time commitment of the tennis coordinator), golf and shooting sports. Thanks to Sue Kuntz for being our Summer Sports Coordinator.

We continue to improve our digital interface with the members. Paul Gerhardt has been indispensable in keeping all the moving parts of this system working. We are grateful to Cathy Heller for stepping is as our second IT board member as this is becoming a very necessary, technical and time-consuming assignment.

I would also like to thank Dick Karlson for reorganizing our accounting system. We now have up-to-date software so that we can accurately track income and expenses. I’m sure you have noticed that everything in the valley is becoming more expensive making budget management especially important.

Also thanks to Karen Gerhardt for editing this webpage/newsletter. Not only does she gather all the information from the social and sports coordinators but then that information has to exactly mesh with the online registration form. This is a complicated process.

It’s been great meeting and working with so many of you and please let me know if you have any ideas for improving our program. One of the best ways to quickly become networked in our community is to volunteer with Vail Club 50.

— Jim

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