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Vail Club 50 2015-16 Board of Directors

Jim Tharp   303-885-7537

Vice President
Patricia Cornett   210-885-1423

Dick Karlson   970-462-4914

Karen Gerhardt   303-217-3832

Lois Bruce   970-376-8505

Winter Sports Coordinator
Burt Merical   612-810-2588

Winter Social Events Coordinators
Ann Faison   914-714-0280
Leslie Davies   832-236-7490

Summer Sports Coordinator
Sue Kuntz   509-554-6454

Summer Social Events Coordinators
Karen Woodard   303-503-0068
Jocelyn Dienst   303-990-4116

Paul Gerhardt   303-618-5672

Member At Large
Gary Blamire   970-376-2128


President’s Message

Jim Tharp

Hi, I’m your new President of Vail Club 50.  Of our 844 members many of you may not know me.  I am a 68 year-old retired physician (pediatric anesthesia).  I have grown up, trained and spent my career in the Denver area.  Caroline and I still maintain our house in Greenwood Village but we find ourselves spending much of our time at our home in Wildridge.  I have been an active member of VC50 for 10 years and served as Vice President for the last 2 years.  I have learned that Vail club 50 is a special and unique experience. It is an opportunity to interact with interesting and caring people of similar age and interests in the most beautiful and exciting place in the world.  I feel very fortunate to be in this position. I am eager to meet many more of you and increase the friendships that I have already made.  I will be on a steep learning curve for the next few months getting up to speed with all the technological changes we have made. I promise to spend as much time as possible to get the job done and make your experience with the club as rewarding as it has been for me.  Please contact me if you have any suggestions or improvements.  With such a large group it’s difficult to satisfy everyone’s personal needs but the Board and I will do our best.

I want to thank Gary Blamire our departing president for all the effort he has made to bring Vail Club 50 into the digital age.  The system we now have in place saves the various coordinators and event chairpersons countless hours in planning the events. I strongly urge you to do all your interactions with the club electronically as paying by check adds several more steps in the process of planning, paying for and accounting for our events.  Gary has also initiated several new events and as most of you know is one of most enthusiastic and caring persons you will ever know.  I’m glad he will be on the Board for the next two years as Member At Large

I also want to thank Paul Gerhardt for his role as Webmaster.  When you register each year that online form seems simple and quick but trust me it has taken countless hours to develop. The data from the registration seamlessly flows into our system of emails for each activity group so that new registrants will be automatically included on each activity mailing list. That means new members can be active with the club as soon as they register.  Take some time to navigate through the webpage as well.  Forgot if you signed up for an event or want to know who has signed up? There is a button to see who has registered for each event.  There are even YouTube video tutorials on how to use the website.

With each edition the site becomes more interactive and readable. This is the essence of all the planning and budgeting that we do and I think it is a great product. Karen Gerhardt does a great job designing and editing the new content each season, as well as Secretary at Board meetings.

I would also like to thank outgoing Board members: Dale Mosier – Immediate Past President and Board Member at Large; Tim Sullivan – Treasurer; Pat Cornett – Summer Social Coordinator who is our incoming Vice President /President Elect; Will and Michele Darken – Summer Sports Coordinators; Patsy Rowe -Winter Sports Coordinator.  Gary has recruited a talented Board for the 2015-16 year and I thank them for their commitment.

As you know our club is an entirely volunteer organization and we owe our success to the coordinators, event chairpersons, and volunteer sports leaders that generously give their time.  The Ski Season Kickoff Party is a very important event.  Not only is it a chance to meet friends you may have not seen since the end of the summer season but also is a convenient opportunity to sign up to be a leader for our winter sports activities.  New members are encouraged to attend to meet the group and see what’s going on.

Our dues for this year will be increased by $10 to $45 per person.  The Board made this decision based on the increased cost of venues, food, and supplies in the Vail Valley.  We will watch our budget carefully and make sure your dues are spent wisely.  It’s still the best entertainment value around.

Rather than go down the list of our events this winter I’ll let you read the newsletter.  Have fun, stay safe and see you at all the great events we have planned.

— Jim

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