Summer Social Events Recap

We started summer of 2015 with 20 members and their guests gathering at 4Eagle Ranch first for an hour of line dancing instruction and then an evening of dancing to a great country band. The horses galloping back to the stable at sunset pulled many outside to watch and then later many enjoyed a walk around the grounds in the cool night air. It was the first visit for some to the ranch and the first time for many for line dancing, but certainly not their last.

The next event occurred on the summer solstice at the end of June when 100 members enjoyed an evening at the Vista at Arrowhead. We tried something new this year by combining this event with a summer sports leader signup which worked very well. Thanks to Jocelyn Dienst, who chaired this nice kickoff event.

The following week, another large group met in the morning at Bob’s Place in Avon for breakfast with many biking from various start points in Vail, Edwards and Avon to park their bikes next to the fenced outside dining area where Bob’s staff had created a lovely garden of mixed flowers in hanging baskets. Pam Crine chaired this event and everyone was so thankful she made sure Bob’s famous cheese blintz’s were on the menu and plentiful.

Donna Abbruzzese headed up a new event in 2015 – a cocktail hour prior to a Bravo Vail concert. Members responded in strength for this standing room only event. Attendees commented that the food was exquisite and plentiful with many waiting until the last bell before leaving the VC50 event to take their seats at the concert.

To ensure no grass grew under the feet of VC50 members, Karen Woodard planned a three-day trip to Taos in July during the break between symphony groups at Bravo Vail. It was very well organized with briefings each day so all had plenty of information to then pursue their passion whether it be hiking, kayaking, biking or shopping. Greta Blamire snapped a great picture of Gary kayaking the rapids on this trip that was subsequently emblazoned on an acrylic tray and presented to Gary as a thank you gift at the President’s dance held in August. Nice job, Karen.

Game night

Game night

Game Night at Eagle Ranch Brush Creek Pavilion was a smaller event with 38 people attending but we anticipate it will be much larger next time given all the positive comments. This was a free event for members many of whom turned out to be dedicated gamers. All brought an appetizer that was shared plus their drink of choice and chose a game table set up  and ready for players such as Mexican Train and We the People American History game.  Who knew Don Laughlin was such a history buff!  Rummikub was a big hit with several players bringing their own game set. Two tables evolved with one composed of some very seasoned players and the other a great place for beginners. Outside a bean-bag toss game had a steady stream of participants. Karlene Spivak did a great job chairing this event.

Line dancing at Eagle-Vail Pavilion

The month of August started with Line dancing at Eagle-Vail Pavilion.  Fifty-six members were treated to the best line dancing instruction in the valley from Linda and Dean Wolz. The two of them made it a pleasurable event as they led a group composed  of novices, intermediates and experts through several different dances.  “…everyone slap your ankle and turn to the next wall…now lets try it with music.” Many thanks to the event chair Kaye Bomgaars for such a fun evening.

Next event, chaired once again by Chuck Bailey, was a sell-out at the Lake Dillon Theatre where sixty-eight members enjoyed “Le Cage Aux Folles”. Due to the sell-out, the theatre company provided complimentary beverages and hors d’oeuvres!

Bike Fest riders taking a break

Bike Fest riders taking a break

Bike Fest chaired by Harve Latson and the picnic, chaired by Melanna Marcellot, occurred a week later. Despite some spurts of torrential rain, all forty-eight riders safely made their round trip and joined the picnic at Singletree Pavilion. Many thanks to Charlie Sherwood who staffed the Vail Pass support station for several hours and Pam and Jim Crine who provided SAG wagon support for the entire afternoon. The picnic is always a well-attended event and this year was no exception.  Eighty-two people enjoyed a warm summer evening eating a great buffet of BBQ, salads and desserts. Thank you Melanna and Harve.

President's Dance

President’s Dance

The Cascade Resort in Vail was the setting for the President’s Dance in mid-August. Jim Tharp thanked Gary Blamire and those board members who had devoted so much time the past two years and brought about remarkable change to the club registration and payment systems we now enjoy. Jim then announced the incoming board members who have agreed to serve during the next two years. Following a tasty dinner, the Tom Allen Variety Band provided a repertoire of dance music ranging from the 1940s through the 60s. As usual, the dance floor was full and didn’t empty out until the last song was played at 10pm.

It was a calm morning on Lake Dillon when 3 sailboats and 3 pontoons filled with 57 VC50 members and guests embarked on a 3-hour trip around the lake with a seasoned Captain at each helm. Then, out of nowhere came the wind for which the lake is famous. Pontoon passengers donned their raincoats, hats and gloves as the wind–driven water splashed over the bows. Sailboat passengers donned their lifevests and headed back to the marina. It was an exciting day by any standard. The most important thing is despite that driving wind, all returned to the marina safely to enjoy lunch at the Tiki Bar. Thanks to Judd Babcock, John Kelleher and Pat Cornett for putting the whole event together and to all our boat captains.

The weather did not cooperate this year resulting in cancellation of both the tennis and golf tournaments. The tennis players enjoyed their tournament snacks as they watched the Open at the Beaver Creek Tennis Clubhouse and the rain continued outside. Thanks to Eileen and Nick Sordi for their work on setting up the tournament. Barbara Wahle worked tirelessly getting people assigned to foresomes  to play at the Country Club of the Rockies and everything was set. However, despite the forecast being favorable, the raincloud thunderheads continued into the valley and the clubhouse radar showed no letup. After consulting several times with the golf pro, Barb made the tough decision to cancel. Of course, 45 minutes later, blue sky prevailed but it was too late to resurrect golf. There were a few long faces over cancelled tournaments but everyone enjoyed the dinner buffet at Vista restaurant and tournament prizes were still handed out.

Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting anyone?  It started with only 30 registered and grew until almost 100 members were registered for this new event. Angela and Steve Penrose, who have many years of experience hosting wine tastings in their home, chaired this members-only event. They worked with Avon Liquors that provided 16 wines from four different countries for the tasting. Members moved from table to table tasting, as the wine vendors talked about grapes and vintage. Based on the number of order sheets at the end, quite a few attendees found a new wine or two to enjoy at home. Orders were filled within the next 10 days so by now, there are a lot of folks enjoying some good wine as they view the changing colors of our mountains. Many thanks to Angela and Steve, and Nancy Young for providing the glass wine glasses for the tasting.


End of Summer at Cordillera

End of Summer Cocktail Party was held at Cordillera Lodge. Wonderful hors d oeuvres, great music by Pat Hamilton and a cash bar were all that was needed as members moved about visiting with each other with many describing their recent or soon to be vacation to an exotic destination. Jocelyn Dienst chaired the first event of the summer and did another superb job as chair of this closing event. She had cautioned all to bring a jacket but the evening was perfect; no wind, rain or snow. A perfect way to finish the season.

— Pat Cornett and Karen Woodard, 2015 Summer Social Coordinators