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Vail Club 50 2017 Board of Directors


Jim Tharp   303-885-7537

Patricia Cornett   210-885-1423

Dick Karlson   970-462-4914

Jim Yager   970-470­-4340

Paul Gerhardt   303-618-5672


Membership Director
Lois Bruce   970-376-8505

Winter Sports Director
Burt Merical   612-810-2588

Winter Social Events Directors
Karen Woodard   303-503-0068
Sue Mitchell  413-525­-9969

Summer Sports Director
Sue Kuntz   509-554-6454

Summer Social Events Directors
Jocelyn Dienst   303-990-4116
Barb Nordin  206-953-­1725

Director of IT
Cathy Heller  612-244­-1285

Member At Large
Gary Blamire   970-376-2128



President’s Message

Dear Vail Club 50 Members – it looks like this will be my final President’s Message.
Pat Cornett will be taking over this fall and she is enthusiastic about presiding over such a wonderful group. I have so much enjoyed working with all the Board Directors, Social and Sports Coordinators, volunteers and everyone else involved in making Vail Club 50 such a successful social organization. I have learned a lot and hopefully have made a few improvements during my two-year term. We have a great Summer Social and Sports event calendar lined up and our membership and finances are in good shape. I will continue to serve on the Board as a member-at-large and am looking forward to seeing you at all the great events sponsored by the club. Thanks for such a great opportunity.

      Jim Tharp

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