Here you will find the sports programs and activities for the 2017 summer season.

Summer Sports Coordinator
Sue Kuntz   509-554-6454

Liability and Guest Policy
The sports programs are for Vail Club 50 members. A member is welcome to bring a guest, but the guest must sign a Liability Waiver at the beginning of the event. We limit non-member participations to one sporting event for the season. Click here for the Guest Liability Form.

Email Lists
When a member fills out and submits the annual Membership Registration form, he or she provides an email address, and chooses which sports and activity updates (e.g., Downhill Skiing, Cycling) should be sent to that email address.  If you would like to change your preferences, or if you are having trouble receiving Vail Club 50 emails, click here and follow the instructions.

If you click on a Sport / Activity name in the table below, it will jump you right to the full description.

Summer Sports and ActivitiesDay(s)
CyclingMonday, Friday
HikingWednesday, Saturday
Ladies Friday Afternoon BridgeFriday
Shooting SportsTuesday
Non-Club Activities


unnamedRoad Bike schedule is available HERE.

Mountain Bike schedule is available HERE.

Descriptions of August and September rides available HERE.

This calendar will be updated throughout the season. Please check it regularly so that you are aware of schedule changes. Rides may be added or routes changed.

Vail Club 50 Cycling days are MONDAYS and FRIDAYS, June – September.

There are TWO separate biking CALENDARS – one for ROAD BIKING and one for MOUNTAIN BIKING. Each ride will give the following information:

  • Day/Date
  • Leader’s Name (Vail Club 50 volunteer who has chosen the ride)
  • Name of Ride
  • Difficulty (Easy/Moderate/Difficult) and Number of miles (Round trip)
  • Leader’s contact information

Before the beginning of each month, a more complete description of the upcoming rides for that month will be emailed to anyone who indicated an interest in cycling when enrolling/renewing their Vail Club 50 membership. These descriptions will also be available on the website. You can sign up for a ride by responding directly to the ride leader identified in these descriptions.

In addition to having fun, SAFETY is a top priority for all cyclists. Because trips may involve riding distances in fairly remote areas, each participant should arrive for a ride with the following REQUIRED items:

  • A fully operating bike (Be sure to check tire pressure and bike gears before arrival)
  • A bike repair kit (Inner tube, tools, pump/CO2 cartridge, etc.)
  • Helmet
  • Proper biking wear for weather (including rain gear)
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen etc.
  • Water bottle, snacks and/or lunch
  • First aid essentials

SIGN UP with ride Leader in advance. If you need to cancel, please let Leader know as soon as possible. Prior to signing up, review the ride description carefully to determine if this is an appropriate ride for you. Contact Leader if you have questions/concerns.

ARRIVE early at designated meeting spot so group can leave promptly at stated time.

SIGN IN with Leader and SIGN OUT at end of ride, using system designated by Leader. It is imperative that the Leader can account for all riders at end of the trip. Leader will designate a trip leader and a sweep and explain the procedures and route for ride.


Contact:  Cherryl Kachenmeister, Cycling Organizer  612-720-0724


The Vail Club 50 golf group has grown significantly and has been such a good time over the last years that we want to continue that fun.  This year we will be playing at Eagle Ranch Golf Course – it is a beautiful course, challenging but fun. Monday mornings our foursomes go out starting at 8:30am.  The same games, the same fun as years past, just on a different course.  There is the option to play 9 or 18 holes.  Those who wish to play 9, can meet at the restaurant for lunch after the round.  For those who wish to play 18, play on.  There is a discounted rate for us, but the best deal is to buy the punch card.  A ten 18- hole game punch card is $690 but that can be shared between payers.  In other words, if two people go in and buy a punch card, you each get ten 9-hole games at $35 each, including cart.

The league starts on Monday, June 5.  In addition to the $35 per 9-hole round, we collect $2.00 per week for prizes (usually awarded to first, second and third place) and there is a one-time fee of $3.00 to join the league.  This $3.00 is used for end-of- season prizes and to somewhat offset the final banquet.

If you played last year, we are looking forward to seeing you again this year. If you did not play last year, we hope you will come on out and join us. It’s a great place to meet new golfing partners.

Contact: Barbara Wahle



The Hiking Calendar is available HERE.

Descriptions of September hikes available HERE.

Hiking Safety and Etiquette Rules are available HERE


Welcome to the 2017 hiking season of Vail Club 50.
We hike on Wednesdays and Saturdays, starting early June and concluding around mid-September.
Our three groups are ready to hit the trails – Tortoises, Marmots & Hares.

You are a Tortoise hiker if:

  •  You can hike for 3 or 4 hours with rest stops as needed
  •  You can hike up to 5 miles round trip
  •  You can handle elevation gains of 1,000 or 1,500 feet
  •  You may not be totally acclimated to high altitude but you can hike as described above with rest stops as needed

 You are a Marmot Hiker if:

  •  You can hike up to 5 hours 
  •  You can hike for up to 5-7 miles round trip
  •  You can handle hikes that have elevation gains of over 2,000 ft.
  •  You can hike at a moderate pace with some stops
  •  You are accustomed to the altitude 

 You are a Hare Hiker if:

  •  You can hike for 6+ hours 
  •  You can hike for up to 10-12 miles round trip
  •  You can handle hikes that have elevation gains of over 2,000 ft.
  •  You can hike at a good pace with few stops
  •  You are accustomed to the altitude

The hiking calendar is on Vail Club 50’s Website (see link above), so please volunteer where you see blanks. Volunteer leaders are the backbone of the program!
If you would like to lead or have other questions, please contact the appropriate organizer below.

The Hiking Organizers this year are:
Overall Hiking Program & Hares: Gretchen Babcock  970-401-4240
Marmots: Sue Mitchell  413-525-9969
Tortoises: Robin Wagner  719-332-8081
Adopt-a-Trail: Robin Wagner  719-332-8081

About every 2 weeks starting at the end of May, a Vail Club 50 Hiking email will go out with hike descriptions that typically include distance, elevation gain and terrain; they also include a brief description of the hike as well as specifics like meeting place, time, maximum number of participants, plus other related information. If you are not receiving the hiking notice emails, contact Gretchen Babcock at or 970-401-4240 so your name and contact information can be added to the hiking email database.

Click here for more information on Hiking Safety and Responsibility, Regulations and Guidelines.

Adopt­-a-­Trail Program

adoptatrailartSmallIn 2016 we adopted the East Lake Creek trail and had 3 great trail work days (fun and successful).  We had a total of 23 participants and we contributed over 120 hours in total, making VC 50 the biggest contributing adopt-a-trail team.  In 2017 we will continue our work on East Lake Creek with 4 work days (mornings), one per month.  If you would like to join the fun and you are not already signed up, please contact Robin Wagner at

Robin Wagner  719-332- 8081




Ladies Friday Afternoon Bridge


Vail Club 50 women play bridge on Friday afternoons at 12:30 p.m. The venue will be the Post Office building (or Cordillera Café) located in Cordillera. The group is fairly non-competitive and plays party bridge using the Chicago scoring system.

All ladies bridge players are welcome and the games will start around mid-May. We have a list of players who joined last year and will automatically include those players on e-mail notices. But if you have not previously played and want to be included or want to be taken off the list of players, please contact Connie.

Contact: Connie Smith  970-328-4941

Shooting Sports

 sporting-claysSAFETY is our first concern. Whether you’re a league shooter or a neophyte, you’ll find camaraderie, conversation and carefulness with this sport.Shooting Sports will get underway in mid-to-late June.  We will meet every two weeks rotating between pistol, rifle and clays at the Eagle Valley Rod and Gun Club in Gypsum. 

Newcomers are particularly welcome.  We will have a Gun/Range Safety Class and if you’ve never used a weapon before, or you haven’t shot for a long time, you’ll be paired with someone experienced.  Our outings are informative, informal and inclusive and we’d love to welcome you to the sport. 

Information about our season schedule and costs will be distributed around mid-June. 

Contact:  Jorge Carbo  719-661-9552




Thanks to the volunteer efforts of Lee dePaolo, Barb Nordin, Sue Kuntz and Paul Gerhardt, Vail Club 50 will have a 2017 social tennis program!  Lee will again be the on-site organizer, arrange the matches and be present each week at Ford Park.  Sue Kuntz and Barb Nordin will send you informational emails and the weekly signup reminders and gather your responses.  Here are some additional details you can plan on:



  • Every Thursday morning, from June 8-August 31, we will have doubles play at Ford Park in Vail.
  • The weekly fee will be $5 for non-members of the Vail Tennis Center and $1 for members.  The fees must be paid each week in cash to Lee.
  • The courts are reserved from 8-10 a.m.  Arrive 10 minutes early to sign in, get to your assigned court and warm up. Play will end at 9:55 a.m. so that you can use the last five minutes to clean up, sweep the courts and mark the lines.
  • Matches will be based on the level of play, not gender.
  • Skill ability is USTA 3.0, 3.5 or 4+.  Self-assessment is the general rule and those on the tennis list will receive the self-rating form next week.  Lee will use this information to pair up players to the best of her ability.
  • The format will be the same this year as last year.  Foursomes will be assigned to courts arranged in sequence. At the end of 7 games (no ad), the winning partnership moves “up” a court and splits. The losing partnership moves “down” a court and splits. Losing partners at the ‘bottom’ court split up but remain on the same court. Winning partners at the ‘top’ court split up but remain on the same court.  Another round of 7 games is played and the process repeats.
  • Games will be regular scoring except the second deuce will be game point – whomever wins the point, wins the game.
  • Players can sign up to play in two ways – either at the courts the previous week using the sign-up sheet or by responding to a weekly email.  All sign-ups must be submitted by each Tuesday by noon.
  • If a player has to cancel after noon on Tuesday, that player MUST find his/her own substitute.  You will have access to an email list of all VC 50 members in the tennis program.  You should email that list immediately requesting a Sub. You may get one or more replies “I will Sub”, so it is important you reply to each of the interested parties as to who will be your Sub. Typically, this is the first person who offers.

We’re looking forward to another great tennis year and a special thanks to our volunteer organizers!

Contact: Sue Kuntz


There are a number of pickleball venues and arrangements throughout the valley. If you don’t need instruction and want to play at a specific level, then you may want to check out what Vail Recreation District and Gypsum Recreation offer independently. If you want to get to know a great group of congenial folks or get some expert instruction, keep reading…

Do you love pickleball, but want a guaranteed court and playing time at a new top notch outdoor facility in Vail?  Do you have the flexibility to play well with others of varying expertise?  Would you, on occasion, want some specific instruction?  Well, Vail Club 50 Summer Pickleball may be the place for you.  We will see what the demand is for this program – your participation is key.

Location:  Golden Peak Pickleball Center, Vail
461 Vail Valley Drive, Vail, CO
Phone: 970-471-3757

Directions: From I-70 exit 176 take the third exit onto the South Frontage Road. Turn right at the east end of the Vail Village Parking Structure onto East Meadow Drive. Turn left onto Vail Valley Drive. The courts are about a quarter mile ahead on the left, across from the Golden Peak Ski School building. There is limited parking at the courts, but the Vail Village Parking Structure is conveniently located less than a five minute walk from the Golden Peak Pickleball Center.

Time:  12-2 pm, Tuesdays, beginning June 13

Costs:  See specifics below.

Each Tuesday, we will offer both pickleball instruction and an opportunity to play round robin doubles.  Demo paddles and balls are provided. Instruction and play will be available at a cost of $10 for Vail Recreation District pass holders and $15 for non-pass holders.  To play only without instruction, the cost is $0 for Vail Recreation District pass holders and $5 for non-pass holders.  

Every week a notice will be sent to those on the Vail Club 50 pickleball interest list.   You MUST sign up by email by 12 pm on Monday and specify if you want instruction or to play.  This will ensure the reservation of the proper number of courts.  Note that we do not guarantee an exact multiple of 4 players. For example, if 13 people sign up, we ask your flexibility to sit out for short periods so that everyone can play as much as possible.

The Golden Peak Pickleball Center is a top notch pickle ball facility with a cushioned joint-friendly court surface, shaded seating area, bathroom facility, purified water drinking fountain with water bottle filling station, generous spacing between and behind courts.

Vail Club 50 Pickleball Contact:  Michele Darken,


Non-Club Activities

Vail Club 50 does not sponsor, co-sponsor, endorse, affiliate or partner with the following events or organizations.  This information is provided simply because it may be of personal interest to our members.

If you would like to list another non-club activity, please contact Only social or sports activities open to new participants will be included.

Alzheimer’s Event at Vilar on October 2
Here is an exciting, informative, free event at the Vilar Performing Arts Center on October 2nd.  Please share this with others who may be interested in hearing a dynamic speaker on Alzheimer’s disease.  Click here for more information including how to reserve your ticket now.

Eagle Valley Land Trust
This organization offers activities including free guided nature hikes on permanently conserved lands in the county as well as conserved land upon which to hike.  See their website at

Men’s Senior Golf
Golf at Eagle Ranch Golf Club on Mondays. Contact Joe Rink at 303-870-1313,

Motorcycling – Dual Sport
Dirt trail riding with road licensed dual sport bikes. Nothing too hard, but requires intermediate trail riding skills. Contact Mitch Hayne at 970-328-0224,