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May 24, 2020


A good day wish to all current VC 50 members, wherever you may be, and a welcome to all people interested in becoming a part of this fabulous organization.  

Today VC50 is 32 years young.  From a small group of 10 people the Club has grown to count more than 900 members.  Why has VC50  been so successful?  The answer lies in the shared values of Club members and their willingness to volunteer to provide activities for the Club to enjoy.  Shared values are built around an appreciation of the outdoors and a desire to be with people who share the same interests as well as Social activities where we can dance together and share stories.

Great as those activities are, they are simply the gateway to the friendships developed by participation.   It is those friendships that make the Club special.  Vail Club 50 is all about creating relationships that last.  

Understanding this has helped us as an organization continue to move forward during the COVID 19 crisis.  The Club recognizes the value of each person’s perspective and we have been determined to find a way to offer activities to all members who desired them. 

The Club is offering a full slate of summer hiking, biking, golf and tennis.  Signups have been very strong, oversubscribed in many cases, and we are gratified the Club is able to provide activities for those people. We are continually monitoring the Eagle County Public Health guidelines so we can expand our offerings, both sports and social, as guidelines change, and we advocate for this Club and its members.


 We continue to work on ways to engage and connect the membership.  We don’t do this just for today, we do this so that the Club will be well positioned for years into the future.  

So, we encourage you to stay engaged, reach out to your friends near and far, participate as you feel comfortable and volunteer.  The best thing we can do for this Club we love, is to pay it forward and volunteer to give the gift of this Club to the people to come.   No job is too small, and every job is important.

A final note, we want to let you know, that if you are a part time resident, Eagle County Public Health is encouraging you to come back and be a part of the fabric of this community.  Their phrase to remember is “Come here, Live here, Stay here”.   Vail Club 50 shares that sentiment, and we would love to see you this summer.

This has been a more challenging summer than any of us could have imagined on New Years day 2020, but we will get through this together.  We are making the best of the environment in which we all live, and we will continue that to do so, respecting all our members.

In conclusion, our volunteer leaders did an exceptional job to pull things together this summer so the Club could provide appropriate activities.  All of us are indebted to those leaders, and their efforts should not go unnoticed.  When you see any of the Club’s leaders, please take a moment to let them know how much they are appreciated.

I look forward to seeing you all, in this beautiful valley this summer.

All the Best,


Al Musser

President, Vail Club 50 




The Aspen ski trip occurs in mid-December.  Trip details and registration are available around mid-October.  Check here again around October 15th for more information.


Summer 2020-- a Hiking and Biking trip to Aspen in September.  
Members look at the EVENTS calendar -- trips -- for details. 



VC50 has multiple social events during the summer and winter seasons We always kick off a season with a Leader Signup event where members volunteer to lead one of the seasonal sports such as cycling or hiking in the summer or skiing and snowshoeing in the winter.
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Sports are a core activity for VC50 members. You will not find any couch potatoes in this club!
Sports include road & paved path cycling; mountain biking; golf, hiking, pickle ball, social tennis, sport shooting and ladies bridge
 Member participation is high.



Winter sports are very popular with VC50 members and include Alpine skiing, Back Country ski touring, Snowshoeing, and Uphill skinning Members sign-up to be a Day Leader forthe different levels of alpine skiing and snowshoeing.


Vail Club 50 Singles

Vail Club 50 offers special events organized for single members who are looking for a comfortable environment to meet and enjoy activities with other single members. This group is composed of individuals who are not in a committed relationship.

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