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Founded in 1988 by a small group of locals, Vail Club 50 (VC50) is a not-for-profit organization for people over the age of 50, which organizes social and sports-oriented events for its members.

We are an all-volunteer organization with a 15 member Board of Directors and a talented cadre of Sports Directors, Coordinators and Event Organizers, all volunteers, who keep the club and all our activities running smoothly.

Annual membership dues are $100/person and are used primarily for administrative purposes to help maintain the club website, which is used to allow members to easily see and register for events, as well as to recognize and reward volunteers who are the lifeblood of the organization.

Membership requirements are simple. You must be over 50 years old to join. If you are over 50 and your spouse/partner is younger, no worries, your spouse/partner can also join. Turning 50 this year? Celebrate your 50th all year by joining VC50 anytime during the year.

The membership year is October 1st through September 30th of the following year. Dues are not pro-rated. No matter what time of the membership year you initially join, the cost is $100/person. If you initially join between October 1st and August 31st, no portion of your membership fee will carry over to the following year. However, if you initially join in September, your membership will carry over to the following year that begins on October 1st.

For existing members, membership renewal occurs between September 1st and October 31st each year and all members are reminded electronically to renew.
Members can invite a nonmember to a VC50 social or singles event, however, the nonmember social/singles event fee will be higher. Members can also invite a nonmember to participate in a VC50 sports event - one time only. After that the nonmember must join VC50 to participate in any future sport event.  Due to popularity, some events are designated as "members only".

Once you join VC50, you have access to the "members-only" side of the website where all events are described in detail and you can register for those events that interest you. Any event that has a cost is paid for online via credit card.

With over 900 members, VC50 is a group of diverse individuals from all over the nation (and world) who now live full or part-time in Vail valley. The club offers members multiple opportunities to meet new people and enjoy an active outdoor life. During 2022-2023, VC50 had over 400 social, sport and singles events led by more than 165 volunteer members.

Are you a green, blue, black or double black hiker? Or perhaps a blue, blue/black cruiser or bumper, black or double black skier? Not an alpine skier but an avid snowshoer or backcountry skier? How about a pickleball enthusiast? Yoga, Meditation, Stitchery, Bridge or Hand and Foot Canasta interest you? VC50 has all the above and more.

With our variety of social and sport events and the variety of skill levels and interests of our members, a good time is had by all.

Just moved to the valley? VC50 is a great way to meet people and volunteering to lead a hike, bike, ski or snowshoe event is how you get to know people better. Not sure about being a leader? Then be a co-leader. We have leader sign-up events at the start of each season.  

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