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Sporting Activities

Sports are a core activity for VC50 members. You will not find any couch potatoes in this club! Summer sports include and ladies bridge. Member participation is high.

As an all-volunteer group, members are the leaders for those sport activities such as hiking and cycling where individual events occur at different sites around the valley. Other sports, such as golf, pickleball, social tennis and sport shooting are coordinated by one or two volunteers for each sport. In some circles, bridge may not be considered a sport. But in VC50 we do consider it so and there is a ladies bridge group who meets weekly.

Summer Sports – Some Details

Coordinator:  Mart Matthews

Monday and Friday Registration on VC50 website required.  Includes both road and mountain biking. Difficulty of rides (easy/moderate/difficult) and number of miles are determined by the leader so members can choose according to their skill level. Anyone without a helmet will NOT be allowed to cycle with a VC50 group.

In addition to having fun, SAFETY is a top priority for all cyclists. Because trips may involve riding distances in fairly remote areas, each participant should arrive for a ride with the following REQUIRED items:
  • A fully operating bike (Be sure to check tire pressure and bike gears before arrival)
  • A bike repair kit (Inner tube, tools, pump/CO2 cartridge, etc.)
  • Helmet
  • Proper biking wear for weather (including rain gear)
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen etc.
  • Water bottle, snacks and/or lunch
  • First aid essentials

Coordinators: Marlene Rose

Monday Registration to play is accomplished directly with Gypsum Golf Course.
Reserving tee times is required no later than the Friday prior to Monday play for each week you wish to play. 

Join us at Gypsum Creek Golf Course on Monday afternoons.
VC50 members must join the VC50 Golf League in order to play with VC50 at a 
one-time cost of $15
Tee times are made with and greens fees are paid to the golf course - Gypsum Creek - 970-524-6200. Players are placed in Foursomes by the Golf Course for 9 or 18 hole play.   Special rates for VC50 Golf League members. VC50 members who are also Gypsum Golf Course members, are not charged any additional greens fees.  

Meet in the clubhouse following play to socialize, award prizes and tell war stories!

Nathan Robinett -- double black coordinator
Andy Franklin -- Single black coordinator
Michelle and 
Lewis Ribner -- blue coordinators
barb wahle -- green coordinator


Wednesday and Saturday. Sign-up required. There are four levels: double black, single black, blue and green  

you are a green hiker if:

  • You walk rather than hike  

You are a Blue hiker if:

  • You can hike for 3 or 4 hours with rest stops as needed
  • You can hike up to 5 miles round trip
  • You can handle elevation gains of 1,000 or 1,500 feet
  • You may not be totally acclimated to high altitude but you can hike as described above with rest stops as needed

 You are a Single black Hiker if:

  • You can hike up to 5 hours 
  • You can hike for up to 5-7 miles round trip
  • You can handle hikes that have elevation gains of over 2,000 ft.
  • You can hike at a moderate pace with some stops
  • You are accustomed to the altitude 

 You are a single black Hiker if:

  • You can hike for 6+ hours 
  • You can hike for up to 10-12 miles round trip
  • You can handle hikes that have elevation gains of over 2,000 ft.
  • You can hike at a good pace with few stops
  • You are accustomed to the altitude
Leaders decide level of hike and may limit number of participants depending on hike location. All leaders carry walkie-talkie radios so leader and sweep can communicate with each other.

Social Tennis -- doubles play
Coordinators: BRUCE CROW & Roger Sperry

Thursday. Registration on VC50 website required by the Sunday prior to weekly play so 4-somes can be set up.
Matches scheduled based on level of play, not gender. Skill ability is USTA 3.0, 3.5 or 4+.  Self-assessment is the general rule and those on the tennis list receive the self-rating form. Players pay a weekly fee if they are non-members of the Vail Tennis Center.

Ladies Afternoon Bridge
Coordinator: Connie Smith


Friday. The group is fairly non-competitive and plays party bridge using the Chicago scoring system.


Tuesday.  Whether you are a seasoned Canasta player or haven't played since college, this is a fun group.

Save a Trail

Since our club hikes a great deal, we also contribute to trail maintenance by participating in this program with the Forest Service. The east Lake Creek trail is in superb condition thanks to the VC50 members who volunteer.

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