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Winter sports are very popular with VC50 members and include Alpine Skiing, Backcountry & Cross Country Ski Touring, Snowshoeing and Uphill Skin and Spike.

Members volunteer to be Day Leaders for the different levels of Alpine Skiing, Backcountry Ski Touring and Snowshoeing. A brief description of each sport follows.

VC50 allows a non-member to participate in ONE "preview" day for any winter sport. After the "preview day", the non-member must join VC50 in order to continue participating.

A preview day can be requested by clicking the button below to 
email your request -- include your name, sport you want to preview - skiing or snowshoeing or ski touring or uphill skin/spike, your ability level and date you'd like to participate. Preview day request
A VC50 leader will respond to your request.

Annual membership is only $100, so please consider joining by clicking on '
about us/membership' in the vertical menu at the top of the home page.  

Winter Sports Director

Wendy Klein



Vail Co-Lead Organizers: Andy Feld and Sue Savage

Vail Assistant Organizers:

Beaver Creek Head Organizer: Michele Rae
Beaver Creek Assistant Organizers: Greg Loshak, Steve Edelstein, Steve Grillo, and Eric Noreen

Ski levels will be Double Black, Black, Blue/Black anything goes, Blue/Black cruisers, Blue. The number of groups depends on the number, interest, and abilities of participants. No registration is required.

Days We Ski:
Monday at Beaver Creek/Arrowhead - Meet at 9:00 am. Before January 8, meet outside the Powder 8 restaurant near the Centennial Lift. Starting January 8, meet at the Broken Arrow restaurant in Arrowhead.

Tuesday and Thursday at Vail - Meet at 9:15 am at Look Ma Restaurant

Helmet is required -- no one will be allowed to ski with a VC50 group without a helmet. No advance sign-up required. 
See Event Calendar for up to date meeting times and location.

How We Organize:
Mondays At Beaver Creek:

Groups ski at Beaver Creek on Mondays. The three ski levels at Beaver Creek are black (with bumps and trees), black/blue cruisers, and blue cruisers. Parking is free at Arrowhead, but it fills up quickly so skiers are encouraged to arrive early.

Tuesdays/Thursdays at Vail:
Members meet in the morning at mid Vail.  Members self-select into ski level: 
blue/black cruiser, blue/black anything goes, black and double black. The volunteer leader of the respective level announces her/his plan for the day and asks for a volunteer to be the sweep. Each group then proceeds to don their gear and meets at the designated lift. See details for meeting place and start times on the Tuesday/Thursday event page for Alpine Skiing each week.

Theresa Patten

Days We Ski:
Advanced sign-up required for each event. Events "off the resort" will be scheduled on Mondays and Fridays. Each event will describe the type of gear necessary/appropriate for that particular event. Members -- Click on the Event Calendar to sign-up. 

General Description of Our Outings:

If gliding through quiet forests on fresh snow is something you yearn for, the club's ski touring program is packed full of weekly opportunities to do just that. Participants can look forward to exploring nearby trails and jeep roads in the beautiful mountain environment of Summit, Lake and Eagle counties.

Organizer: LaVonne Feigeles (Black Level)

Susan Marhoffer (Blue Level) and  Martha Tyler (Green Level)

Days We “Shoe”:

Wednesday & Saturday. Advance sign-up required for each trip. Click on the Event Calendar button to sign-up.

General Description of Our Outings:

Get away from the crowds. Climb a steep snowy slope. Commune with nature. Admire the gorgeous views. Share the day with the VC50 snowshoers! 

Snowshoes will be planned to accommodate three levels: Green, Blue and Black. 


Organizer: Kate Pennella


Days We Go:
A Saturday early morning exhilarating workout! No advance sign-up required.

General Description of Our Outings:

Go uphill on your gear of choice -- AT skis, Snowshoes or Micro-spikes. We will have a designated route each Saturday morning. See events calendar for more details of meeting location and time.